At Pentaken, we want to create an exclusive investment community, and therefore we feel it necessary to establish some key rules and expectations to get started. We hope you can understand these ideas and help us work to build an accessible and international community, with access to all kinds of investment opportunities through tokens.

For the community

To break with the old and start something truly new, we must be guided by values ​​of kindness and inclusion. Showing respect and care for one another is of the utmost importance to all of us as we build a community that welcomes all.

Anyone who is interested in joining and participating in our community can become a member through our Pentaken Discord channel. There you will find our team of communicators and moderators, along with investors interested in our ecosystem and its investment opportunities. We also support and learn from each other in shared online spaces like Instagram and Twitter.

For investors

Investors in crypto projects are giving rise to an unprecedented revolution in the world of investment. The appearance of new investment models, thanks to Blockchain technology, has brought the investor a new world of unimaginable opportunities. The use of tokens allows the latter to access numerous investments of all kinds of projects. When investors make a purchase of tokens on Pentaken, they participate in various ways in the projects they have invested in.

When you make a purchase of Tokens on Pentaken:

  • You are the owner of the acquired Tokens that represent the rights linked to it, through a Smart Contract in Blockchain.
  • You can sell the Token (if it is transferable).

We all have a responsibility to create a positive environment

Do not lie, spam, steal, harm or promote hate. If you observe any of these behaviors in Pentaken, let us know through our mail account If we determine that a user is engaging in any of the above behaviors, we will take action on the situation, which may result in account suspension. Full details are in our Terms of Service.